Hair ideas: Roll tuck pin with a Big Bang

So one of my favorite go to styles now that my hair has grown longer is a roll tuck style in the back with a Big Bang in the front.

So I did this on twists that I took down that I had done two days ago. I unraveled all the twist using coconut oil rubbed into my hands and over my hair, and while I took them down I lightled tugged at them to stretch it a little.

Next I sectioned off the top and sides of my hair leaving more out on the top . After I did that I rolled my hair across the back tucking while doing this then and used bobby pins to hold it in place. I continued until I got to the other side of my head and secured with bobby pins. So now I focus on the top of my hair and again lightly tugged toward the front of my face so it will lay and I used some more bobby pins to pin the back so it would lay forward. Can you tell I love my bobby pins lol. To me you can never have to many bobby pins.



Now it does not have to be perfect as far as the back. You want to be able to roll it. I do this style really just to keep it off my neck because it is just to hot during the summer here in Nc, but also it is a nice protective style. Also it adds edge to your personal style in my opinion. Until next next time.



Behind Dream Girls….Shaolin Jazz


So I recently had the pleasure of getting to know and understand Dream Girls NYC, the second installment of the female powerhouse in music, fashion, culture and independent world of entertainment: the Shaolin Jazz Project.

Gerald Watson, co-founder of the Shaolin Jazz Project, along with DJ 2-Tone Jones, describes the DREAM GIRLS project as “a fictional group of female friends. DREAM GIRLS is a concept we developed to help, organically, market our T-Shirt line. We’d actually created a DC version (our 1st edition) about two years ago: and decided to create another installment based on its success.”


These ladies are more than just women in an awesome T-shirt. They are a nod to the essential 90s hip hop woman. Dream Girls, in my opinion, is a raw, female lead of new age hip hop, paying respects to the art through knowledge in its culture. These women are a male hip hop connoisseur’s dream, each talented within their own right. Here you have models, singers, music enthusiasts enjoying friendship in NYC, living, breathing and understanding hip hop and jazz influenced culture. Looking at the photo shoots on their website, it is easy to see these cultural influences. Their crazy yet beautiful natural flowing tresses and the way they hold their heads high saying, “I’m a confident African-American woman who is ready to take on the world and have fun doing it.” These women are strong, yet still have a feminine flare to them; casual but still amazingly striking, edgy and still have a playful side to them.


It all started two years ago when Gerald and DJ 2-tone Jones came up with the first Dreams Girls DC edition, and the same vibe followed those woman so they decided to do another series, Dream Girls NYC.


Although some of these ladies knew each other before the Dream Girls project, the thread that holds them together is their relationship to photographer Chris Carr. Carr, who shot both the DC and NYC editions of Dream Girls, instantly clicked with the group, allowing their creativity to flow to create awesome photo sets for the group.

On their website you can find interviews of each group member. These interviews were created to introduce each individual woman to the world and to help create new fan base while showcasing their talented work.

When given the privilege to write about these women I really didn’t understand a lot about their project. However, after researching and viewing the photos of the Dream Girls, it has given me a desire to want to explore them and the Shaolin Jazz Project a little more.

I see these women and it reminds me of old school hip hop; when it was about talent, culture, and the art. I have never been a big lover of rap music, but I have always appreciated good talent and the art behind it. Seeing the Dream Girls NYC, reminiscent of jazz culture, took me back to a time where hip hop was respected and understood as an expression, not just who has the most money. Jazz and hip hop, I believe, are on the same level, although some people would arguably disagree. Jazz and hip hop are an expression of the human heart and soul through music, style, and culture. It is for this reason the Dream Girls are such a powerful group of women, representing respect and love of both jazz and hip hop.






Is coloring your hair considered being natural?

So I have heard this a lot around random people, from household conversations to social media. The topic is are you still natural if you color your hair? In my humble opinion yes you are still considered natural.

The decision to color ones hair is up to the individual and has nothing to do with anyone else. I went natural because I didn’t want to chemically straighten my hair and wanted to grow out healthy in it natural state. The idea of coloring hair to me is much like and extra something to make your individuality stand out.

I have never colored my hair because I was scared it would damage my hair and then my hair wouldn’t revert back. What I have learned is that it would get damaged if you don’t really know how to care for your hair during and after the coloring process.

My opinion on coloring hair is do what works best for you and whatever makes you feel comfortable. I think just because you color your hair that doesn’t make you unnatural, your hair is still growing out naturally as far as your natural curl pattern. Also I see nothing wrong with spicing up/changing up your look especially when your in that awkward stage of natural hair or your getting bored with the same old style, color can add some visual interest to your hair. Do what makes you happy it’s your hair and no one else. Just remember to keep it moisturized while you have that color and try not to over process. Also I would say if your having a more dramatic color I would say go to a specialist so you can get the color your want and not damage it while your trying to achieve a certain color from a box. Do your research before hand, especially if your doing a box color.

That’s my two cents until next time


Product review Garnier Fructis Triple Nutriton Shampoo and Conditioner

So recently I went to the beach, I had so much fun by the way. I sat out in the sun played in the waves then sat out in the sun even more. While doing all this of course my haIr was soaking wet with salty ocean water. As I would sit in the sun my hair just went from big coily wet hair to tiny kinky dry hair lol. I knew this would happen. Also what happens is my hair gets very tangled and matted if not address immediately. There was no place to shower so I could wash it really quick or at least no shower I could see. So here I am heading home after a long fun day at the beach with dry, salty, kinky, drawn up hair. I sat in a car for two hours, sigh, just thinking about what awaited me once I got home. THE DREADED WASH ROUTINE! Lol. Once I got home I realized I can’t just cowash my hair because I knew it wouldn’t get all that beach water and sand out my hair. So I had to go to the store and grab some shampoo and conditioner because I had ran out. Now I have stated before I never use shampoo because my hair doesn’t like it, but because I needed to really clean my hair I bought some that day. I ran into Harris Teeter and bought some Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner. (Does have sulfate) my hair was super clean after I used that shampoo. It smelled great light and not quite fruity but more of a fresh sweet smell. And a little went a long way. I concentrated on my scalp more then anything, course it did leave my hair feeling dry because of the sulfate but I was ok with it that day. I followed up with the Triple Nutrition conditioner, which also smelled really good as all Garniers products tend to smell great. As I used the conditioner my hair felt instantly smooth and it made my detangaling process a lot easier. This Product had great slip. As I washed out the conditioner my hair felt and looked great. So I will be using it a second time just to make sure I 100% love it. But for right now I really like the product line and will be using this again.As I said before I purchased from my local Harris Teeter for $2.99 each. Til next time!


CURLKIT need a discount?

CURLKIT need a discount?

So recently I have had the opportunity of being contacted by Curlkit for using their monthly subscription Box which is $20/mo. For those of you who never have heard or used box subscription services, its a monthly subscription to be able to try out natural hair car products. The money is taken out once a month and you will receive a box with a few full size products and some sample products.  Every month it is something different. Subscription Boxes gives naturals a chance to try out something that they wouldn’t normally think to buy, rather cost, uncertainty, or convince is the reason.  The main two are Curlkit and CurlBox. There are many other Box subscription services out there now.  If you would like to try Curlkit I have a link that once you click on will take you to a page to receive 10% off your order.  have fun!


My hair today…. Loving it


So today I felt especially cute because my hair is fabulous and I feel I must share it with you guys. This is a 3day old twists out in which I pushed both sides upward and pinned down with bobby pins then I fluffed out the back and then I took two bobby pins and push the front of my hair up so it would lay down. BOOM! Simple, cute and out of my face. What do you think?


Creating your Own Hair Butter

Creating your Own Hair Butter

So my sister ran across this site where you can create your own hair butters and oil blends.  So I went to the site to check it out myself and I liked what you could do.  Now if your hair is not good with Shea Butter then this may not be a great site for you.  My hair loves Shea butter and it is great for sealing in moisture.  When I first went natural two years ago I use to use Shea butter and OVOO for a deep conditioner and it made my hair soo soft.  I don’t remember why I stopped doing that, probably because I am a product junkie and I keep trying other things that I like lol.  I am going to create my own Shea Mix from this site and I will do a review on the site and how the mixture is.  in the mean time go check it out for yourselves!  until next time




So it is so got here in NC that I decided to just stick my head in the shower and just do a wash and go lol and let me tell you Honey! The shrinkage is REAL!


Part 2 Review on Myhoneychild’s type 4 creme


I took my twists down this morning and my hair was awesome! My hair held up really well throughout the day. The end of the day came and my hair was still so moisturized and soft and the curl definition was great. So my final thoughts of this product is a 10 of 10. I like this a lot better then other creams I have tried. Here are some photos of my hair, enjoy.